Whether you agree or not, setting up a successful business and placing a strong foundation is hard. On top of that, the competition is very high nowadays. It’s scary to think of, but you can relax because is here as the superhero. Well, this platform is where the different intricacies of this CRM software equipment platform meet. The concept is a little daunting, but of utmost importance if you want your business to thrive. That’s not all because its possibilities are more than that. Here’s a review and a guide on this platform to understand better: 


Blog.ruangseni is a blog-driven platform that caters to specific articles on CRM software program tools and other business-related information. So far, the website is looking cool and reliable, given the fact that its domain linked with NameCheap, Inc. was registered 7 years back. It aims to provide the best and most accurate information on CRM software and includes both basic and advanced level information. 

Other information on  

  • Domain: It has been registered with NameCheap, Inc., and has completed 7 years of service. 
  • SSL Issuer: SSL is an indicator of an encryption system that further makes sure of user safety. In this case, it is not known if the site has considered one.
  • Server Location: The server is nestled in Singapore and thrives under the AS-CHOOPA company.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose is to guide readers on CRM software program tools. But other than that, readers will also find topics on life and car insurance.

Honest review on – User Reactions 

Many associate a website’s popularity with its legitimacy. Unfortunately, It is far from being popular and receives only a couple of visitors each month, despite being credible. At the same time, its age is not that young, despite which the site has not received any major complaints so far. Reviewers have determined the site not to be a scam or doubtful in any way. 

If you do a technical analysis, you’ll learn that many scammers try to impersonate a website perfectly with the original site. But again, that’s not the case here, and It is the original one. At Least it appears as the right one, with none or fewer websites that appear like it. Furthermore, the security concerns are uncertain. Readers are recommended not to enter an unknown website, which this platform is. You cannot underestimate the dangers and have to look into safety infrastructure, which must be susceptible to malware. Other than that, the platform seems like a nice intermediary of information. It is not just useful, but a great platform for knowledgeable and practical thoughts. 

Exploring the CRM Software category on

Be it the mega brands or small businesses, the key to sustainability in the competitive market is to keep the customers happy. One can easily attain good customer relationships through CRM software. CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management software is a valuable tool for businesses to manage customer interactions along with prospects. From customer data to interactions, to automation, there’s so much a CRM tool can do. That being said, here are the kind of articles you can expect: 

Article 1: 20 CRM Software Platforms for small business owners on a budget

Article 2: Maximise Customer Satisfaction: 20 Top-Rated CRM Software Platforms

Exploring the Car Insurance category on

Insurance is the best possible backup when in an emergency. Also, don’t make the foolish move of underestimating its needs and every car owner must acknowledge its significance. Even if you try to overlook car insurance, legal requirements may come after you. That’s because in most nations, having car insurance is not optional but mandatory. No insurance means heavy penalties or even license suspension. But the whole point of car insurance is not to scare or loot you. Rather, the policy’s intentions are positive and look to provide personal liability protection or safeguard passengers and pedestrians. For instance, in an accident, insurance will take away your burden from damages that you have caused to another person. In cases where you are the accident victim, insurance will also protect the passengers and pedestrians along with the driver. Just remember to choose a policy that best suits your needs. 

Further, this category is one of the most important ones and the kind of articles you can find here, include: 

Article 1: The Different Types of Car Insurance: Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive

Article 2: How to Save Money on Car Insurance Premiums: Tips and Tricks

Exploring the Life Insurance category on

Car insurance guarantees to support you in the event of an accident. Similarly, life insurance works to support your family after you have suddenly passed away. So, here is the kind of content you can expect: 

Article 1: The Pros and Cons of No Exam Life Insurance: Is it Right for You

Article 2: Life Insurance for Seniors: Coverage Options for Older Adults

Article 3: The Best Life Insurance Companies: Ratings, Reviews, and Rankings


The internet is full of incorrect information, which is often misleading and can cause destruction in the worst-case scenarios. Meanwhile, there’s, which aims to offer the most accurate information in a beginner-friendly language. And despite the makers not revealing their writer identity, it seems like the words coming are from industrial experts and professionals. Perhaps, the website lacks transparency not just in the context of its writers, but in other specifications as well. Other than that, there shouldn’t be anything major to interfere with your reading experience. 

FAQs About

Q1. Does have any social media profiles linked to its website?

Ans: No, the platform has yet to link any of its social media profiles with the website. Such an absence of social community can bother the legitimacy of the site. But despite lacking a significant part, you’re promised to have a good reading experience from here. 

Q2. Is safe?

Ans: Yes, is safe and even website reviewers have determined the same thing. However, the platform receives very little visitors and is not that popular. If quality is more important than popularity for you, this place will just be perfect.

Q3. Is free to access?

Ans: Yes, is entirely free to access. Be it the features, or web content — you can do anything on this website without having to pay a dime.

Q4. How can you get started with

Ans: To get started with the platform, simply open a search engine and type ‘’ on the address bar. The homepage will appear right away and you can thereafter, explore the site!

Q5. Does have a mobile application?

Ans: No, does not have a mobile application as of now. The good thing is that its web version works flawlessly and there should barely be any problem.

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