In the digital world everything has been developed. Similarly, the Tamil Nadu government has created a specific website to protect all pregnant women through their tracking method. By making a simple login option, all pregnant women get health care from pregnancy detected till the birth certificate of that baby. When logging into this website, 12-digit Picme numbers have been given to the women. 

By using this picme number, public health agencies can track down every moment of pregnancy. If you are one of the pregnant women, then it is advised to log into this website and get a picture number. Here, you may come to know about the picme number and how to get picme number for pregnant women.

Step to Log into the Picme Website:

If you are a pregnant woman looking to get a picme number, then it is more important to make a perfect login. Let us look into the process of registration on how to get picme number:

  • First, to begin the registration process, you need to visit the official website of Picme Login on an online platform.
  • If you are new to this website, you need to click the option the new user so that you can create your own account.
  • After clicking new user, a new page will be displayed in which you need to fill in all the vital details such as name, address, contact information, etc.
  • Filling in all the essential details, you will be specifically asked to enter details about your pregnancy, such as the delivery date, which is excepted and medical history.
  • After filling in all things, you need to submit the application so that you will have a unique picture number or id. This number is more important to track your entire pregnancy journey, so it is advised to keep it safe.
  • After getting this, you can check your health status by registering on this picme website, and also, some of the alter will rise at the time of vaccination, check-up, etc.


By following the simple guidelines provided above, you may be clear on how to get a Picme number. It is advised if you or your friends or family are pregnant women, it is important to log into the Picme website for better health care. By regularly tracking public health agencies, you can be better in this important time.


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