Tech Ranjay is a light of knowledge and aid for students in Bihar’s public schools suffering in the tenth and twelfth grades. Starting on December 5, 2019, this adaptable platform provides students with study materials, regular updates, and other services to help them succeed in school. A dynamic online site and revolutionary mobile app are available.

Overview of Tech

Tech founded by a visionary, rises strong and serves students’ requirements. This is Bihar’s public high school’s 10th and 12th-grade information portal. The newest Bihar Board exam news, study resources, and updates are here. Students should be well-informed and equipped to face academic obstacles. It’s authors guarantee each student has a unique and stimulating experience by monitoring their target demographic.

Tech Ranjay App Information

With the “Technical Ranjay Model Paper” app, it has expanded its technical expertise outside its website. The site lets you download this educational smartphone app. For students in grades 10 and 12, the app offers materials in physics, maths, English, Hindi, and more. The platform uses technology to improve students’ academic achievement and make education more accessible and enjoyable.

Exploring the App’s Massive Library

The Tech Ranjay Model Paper app offers several academic resources as students explore it. The programme provides subject-specific resources, exam information, and sample papers to construct a virtual classroom. Users may explore and study on their own time for examinations or to review using the app’s straightforward interface.

Downloading the 2023 Tech Ranjay Admission Card

Exam prep students would enjoy a straightforward way to get the Tech Ranjay Dummy Admit Card for 2023. You may smooth your experience by following these steps:

  • Start downloading by opening your choice web browser.
  • Second, visit Tech Ranjay website,
  • Third, click the link on the website to get the BSEB 10th and 12th grade entrance card practice.
  • Reading the detailed content is the fourth step after clicking the link.
  • Step five involves browsing the website for the entrance card link.
  • Clicking again opens, the sixth step.
  • Show your ID, date of birth, and registration number when requested.
  • The entry card will be available for download after these procedures.
  • By simplifying crucial student processes, It has proved its dedication. This assures pupils have test-prep resources.


Tech Ranjay online site and mobile app show a holistic approach to teaching. The platform stands out in online education by informing students, providing study aids, and speeding up crucial processes. Students may trust this platform in their educational journey. He educates them and promotes academic performance. It has evolved into a mighty institution by embracing the online education age, offering Bihar and beyond students new educational opportunities.


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